Director    : Ash Christian
Cast          : - Golden Globe and Emmy NomineeThora Birch (American Beauty, The Hole, Patriot Games),
- Brittany Snow (Prom Night, Hairspray, Gossip Girl, Nip/Tuck),
- Eddie Kaye Thomas  (American Pie, American Pie 2, American Wedding, How to Make It in America),
- Michael Urie (Ugly Betty),
- David Rasche (Ugly Betty, Just Married),
- Academy Awards, Golden Globes and Emmy Awards Winner Christine Lahti (CBS new TV series; Beverly Hills Cop, Obsessed, Chicago Hope, Swing Shift, No Place Like Home, An American Daughter, Running on Empty)

Genre        : Comedy Drama
Film Group(s): Catalog



The story of a family whose growth is stunted... a family that learns how to love themselves while loving each other (a little too much).

BRITTANY SNOW and THORA BIRCH star in Ash Christian’s must-see DARK COMEDY about a family of New Yorkers coming to terms with the chaos and misgivings of life.  From pregnancy to sex addiction to overbearing parents, Petunia is a film about the unpredictability of life that is sure to have you laughing the whole way through.

"An off-beat family of New Yorkers must come to terms with their own misgivings about life, relationships and the sheer unpredictability of love itself. Petunia weaves together the lives of brothers Charlie, Adrian and Michael (EDDIE KAYE THOMAS) as they unlearn everything their psychoanalyst parents have taught them. While Michael's cynical wife Vivian (THORA BIRCH) discovers she is pregnant, the family is also changing.  Charlie's would-be boyfriend is in a polyamarous relationship with fitness fanatic Robin (BRITTANY SNOW), and Adrian has developed a unrelenting sex addiction. Meddling parents Felicia (CHRISTINE LAHTI) and Percy must decide whether to reignite the spark in their relationship or start all over again."