UNDERCOVER (Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
DirectorDimitar Mitovski, Dimitar Gotchev, Victor Bozhinov
CastIvailo Zahariev, Zahari Baharov, Irena Miliankova, Vlado Penev, Mihail Bilalov
GenreAction, New
Special agent Martin Hristov has been appointed by a special Police task force to the most dangerous mission in Bulgaria - to go undercover in the gang of ruthless Mafia boss, Jaro.  While penetrating the inner circle of Jaro’s vast criminal network, he uncovers a deadly organization enforced by Jaro’s lethal enforcer, Ivo.  Martin’s mission becomes more complicated when he falls in love with Sunny - Jaro’s fiancé.  In order to satisfy the ambitious and ruthless Jaro, Martin’s participation in the gang escalates, forcing him to get involved with money laundering, theft, kidnapping, blackmail and drugs. As Martin descends further into the criminal underworld, he finds himself used as a pawn in a lethal chess game between long-time rivals on both sides of the law, endangering those he loves and would die to protect.